Watch for the snake : the history of Cobra Soft

When a foreign article on the history of French computer games pops up, it usually mentions the same names : Infogrames, Cryo, Delphine Software, Coktel VisionCobra Soft is often omitted, maybe because their games don’t match the « French touch » cliché (yet they are very French in essence), but mainly because many of their games weren’t translated or exported. It’s a shame, because Cobra Soft was one of the most innovative and respected software houses of the ’80s in France, in terms of licensing, marketing and packaging. Their Mobygames page is incomplete, they don’t have an English Wikipedia page, and the French one is just a list of their releases. It couldn’t last ! So here is a long – but not exhaustive – retrospective of this company and its heritage.

__The early days and the…

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