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Download: https://goo.gl/rI6Fge ————— More about us on: http://beffio.com & http://fb.com/beffio

***Unity Awards 2015 Finalist*** Vote for us now here: https://unity3d.com/awards/2015

Do you need core UI Elements to start building your first Game or App? Or are you a professional and want to speed up your workflow? No matter your experience, we have EXACTLY what you need!

More information: http://www.beffio.com/ui-builder

200+ Sliced Elements | 130+ Pixel Perfect Icons | 1 Font with 10 Styles | 70+ drag’n’drop components | 30+ Classic App Examples | 23+ Fundamental Game Examples | 3 iWatch Examples | 20+ Color Schemes | 9 HD Photography Images

UI Builder is a revolutionary, customizable UI-kit that contains ready-made elements to mix, match & build your own User…

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