Stadium Sized Alien UFO Charging From Thunder Storm Producing Aurora Borealis. Extraterrestrials

Summer 2017 afternoon. Storm is gathering over Sierra Nevada Mountains. By late afternoon giant never before seen Electrical Storm raged in Serra Nevada. Among the clouds a stadium sized Extraterrestrial UFO was either charging from the storm or causing it. Towards the evening the weather became better so Nevada Air National Guard was able to lift a chopper into the air to closer investigate the unusual phenomena. The chopper reached the clouds were UFO was spotted towards the sunset. At first UFO was not visible among the clouds. It was shimmering back and forward appearing and disappearing into the clouds. But the pilot could tell it’s there looking at unusual clouds glow and electrical activity. Once the helicopter found the UFO and started to turn for the second circle to take better look, it fired an energy particle beam making all armed missiles to fall off and detonate within split second. The chopper or whatever was left from it crash landed near Carson city. Amazingly, pilot survived to tell this incredible story. He could not fly anymore but he lived to tell this mind blowing story on the condition of anonymity because he signed non disclosure agreement. He said the last thing he remembers when he fly closest to the UFO is a blinding halo like it was captured on this film made on the ground and that UFO was not a one solid object like it appeared on the camera but three glowing disks closely connected together emitting some form of unknown energy that was fluctuating changing the brightness of the object so it was appear shimmering in and out of our dimension producing tons of electrical discharges and aurora lights around it as it was shown on the other video. The next video captured from the ground fully confirms the pilot story of UFO description.

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