« UFO ROCK » Found in China

A BIZARRE UFO shaped’ rock that may have been carved by an ancient advanced civilisation has been discovered in China this week.
Experts have been left puzzled by the six tonne wonder that features two layers of intricate pillars.
It was found by Xia Changjun who noticed its stunning shape on a mountainside in central Hubei Province. who has named it ufo rock.
Locals are baffled as to whether the unique structure emerged naturally or was designed by human or human-like creatures.
According to the state-owned People’s Daily, Xia saw the 5.2ft-tall rock jutting out from a hill near Baokang county last April.
dShowing it off to the media for the first time, he said he pulled his car over and began digging to find the bottom of the boulder.
After contacting the landowner Xia purchased the rock and then spent a week digging it out before craning it home.
Its three-tiered structure is formed by a layer of several pointed stones at the base followed by a flat level.
Further curved pillars hold up a top layer with a few more pointed shapes that jut upwards.
Wang Qingxiang, a local expert and historian who identified it as basalt stone, told the paper he was baffled by its shape.
He suggested the rock could have been used in ancient rituals or even as some sort of signalling device during battles.
Since word spread of his amazing discovery Xia has been approached by interested buyers, with one offering him nearly £12,000 for it.
“I didn’t sell it. This is too precious to me,” Xia said.

further examinations are set to be undertaken early in 2017, to determine if indeed it was carved by an ancient advanced civilization.

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