UFO Goes Into A Portal July 2017

UFO Goes Into A Portal July 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO goes thru a portal. This is amazing UFO footage look at this UFO. The source spotted it after grocery shopping. He told his wife who was driving to pull over and filmed this UFO. The UFO goes thru a portal at the end of the footage. This is just amazing and must be seen. The source said that the UFO made no noise as far as he could tell. If you have any further information on this sighting please leave it in the comments below.
Take a look at this UFO spotted in North Carolina this is just amazing UFO footage. The source was in a plane coming for a landing and this is what he saw. There seems to be a lot of energy on this UFO. The UFO seems to be disk shaped with some kind of heat distortion on the bottom of it.
This one made it to the top of the countdown. Farmer reports UFO. This is the scene of missing cattle and strange goings on. The farmer was finally able to capture this UFO on video. We are hoping to get an interview with him to clear this situation up.
This is recent new UFO footage captured from inside a plane. The source was going home from Mexico to the US. The UFO is barely visible. Looks like it is cloaking itself. What is this UFO and where is it going? Is this three objects or 1??? Great UFO footage!
Look at this amazing video. A drone captured this amazing footage. This UFO was flying by and the source chased it for a while. The UFO seems to have energy spots all over it. Is this UFO made out of lava? The UFO also seems to be flashing just excellent UFO footage.
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