UFO Documentary January 2017

UFO Documentary January 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings Strange Light In The Sky. This object was hovering thru the sky. Excellent UFO footage if you look at the UFO the center seems to have some energy on it. The ends of the UFO do not. There is metal on both sides of the UFO. This one is unique and beautiful. Proof positive on this UFO for sure.
Alright down to the final UFO. Check this out it’s looks like pure energy UFO. There is a helicopter that was circling around the UFO. This UFO could possibly be a triangular shaped object it is kind of hard to tell with all the energy around or on it. We are waiting for more footage from the source and will keep you posted.
UFO Sightings January 15th 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings Fast Moving Object: The quality on this sightings is not the best. We show you the original UFO clip and then we try to enhance the UFO video. This UFO is moving fast and seems to have a red core. Excellent footage. We believe this was taken in Michigan.
UFO Sightings Archived Footage 1: Bringing back this UFO video to see if anyone has any information on it. It is a disked shaped UFO spinning in the air. Very interesting UFO footage. Seems to be made of some kind of metal.
UFO Sightings Archived Footage 2: This UFO was captured at a company where they stored trailers. This UFO made no sound. It looks to be a metal shaped UFO. The design is very unique on this UFO. There seems to be a lot of crevasses on this object.
UFO Sightings Texas 2016 light shaped object. A little hard to see at first because of the clouds. Looks like it is one straight line and three bars across. Very unique UFO shape for sure. Seems to be made out of energy. Is this a organic UFO is it alive?
UFO Sightings Grocery Store. This is believed to be the same object as the last UFO sighting. This UFO footage is a lot clearer. Looks like it was captured in a Mejier’s parking lot. The UFO can be seen clearly and is giving of some serious energy. This is an organic UFO for sure.
UFO Sightings Archived Footage 3: This UFO seems to be alive. It is moving in a strange way. The quality is not the best on this UFO video. You can see the UFO and it looks very unique. This UFO was seen by multiple witnesses in this location.
UFO Sightings Archived Footage 4: Great UFO footage on this one. We actually used it in our channel trailer. This is a disked shaped UFO. It seems to be made out of metal. The UFO also seems to be spinning and is scanning the area for something. Just an excellent UFO sighting.
UFO Sightings Michigan January 14th 2017. A drone captured this UFO flying by the scene. This UFO looks like a mini planet and it is moving slow. Just excellent footage. No idea what the UFO is made out off. This video was filmed about 200 to 300 feet above the air. Proof positive on this UFO sighting.
Our final UFO sighting comes to us from Texas. A factory worker sent in this video claiming this UFO has been scanning their work grounds on the weekend. The plant is closed on the week end and the UFO just shows up. Id this a drone is it searching for some kind of metal? No idea and the source will not give up the location. If you have any further information please leave it in the comments below.
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