UE4 Melee Weapons Pack v3.0 | New Features & How To Use

★ UPDATE: Melee Weapons Pack v3.0

Update 3.0 comes with various improvements and refined textures. Perhaps most notably is the new SkySphere-Lighting Blueprint which replaces the old studio lighting. You can now inspect the weapons under different lighting conditions and adjust their materials accordingly.

Please note that this update will be available for Unreal Engine version 4.20 and above!


✔ Material updates:

– Weapon Materials (except Baseball Bat) are now Instanced from a single master material.
– Blood is now a separate material function.
– Blood opacity is now driven by the red value of the vertex colors. This allows you to cover the weapon partially in blood.

✔ Texture updates:

– Reflectance values of “Base Color” textures have been lowered. You…

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