[TUTORIAL][Windows] How to rip sounds from BNK files


How to extract game audio files (Guide) from killingfloor

Since you need .exe and .bat files, the shown procedure can’t be performed on other systems like Mac OSX or Linux. Maybe you can find other solutions or programs if you google.


bnkextr.exe: https://github.com/eXpl0it3r/bnkextr/releases

ww2ogg024.zip: https://github.com/hcs64/ww2ogg/releases

revorb.exe: https://github.com/gibbed/Gibbed.MassEffect3/blob/master/Gibbed.MassEffect3.AudioExtract/revorb.exe


How to create a batch file:

1. Check whether your system shows known file extensions. To do that, create a new text document and look at its name. If you can see « New Text Document.txt » you can continue, if you only see « New Text Document », change the setting in your…

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