Treasure X Aliens Hunters Unboxing Moose Toys

Treasure X Aliens 2019 from Moose Toys! Squirrel Stampede Toy Reviews has a Top Secret Personal Alien Dissection kit from Moose toys! Thank you Moose toys for sending this FREE sample pack over!

Treasure X Aliens features a new mission, Dissect through 12 levels of adventure and rescue the Galactic Treasure Hunter inside the monstrous Alien, searching for Powerful Gems, the most valuable Treasure in the Universe!!!

Discover Amazing Treasures from around the galaxy, or will you find a Real Gem Treasure?!?!

Look for Galactic Hunters from the tribes of: Galaxy Trackers, Cosmic Clouds, Cosmic Knights, Moon Miners, Rare Aqua Deep Sea Rogues, and the Super Rare Glow in the Dark Cosmic Commanders!

Enjoy dissecting and digging your alien from the slimy bellies of giant aliens Gizmuck,…

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