The Missing Alien Bodies Of Malta | A Cover Up?

1902 an incredible discovery was made in Malta, a discovery which has been covered up for over a century, while digging down to create foundations for a new building construction workers discovered something profound, it is best described as an buried ancient sanctuary.
Within these underground rooms numerous amazing discoveries have been made including a room known as the oracle room, which if spoken in, reverberates the voice of te speaker throughout the huge complex structure.
Within this room along with others, many statues of human forms have been discovered, a sleeping woman in particular was found in the oracle room, all the statues are of larger form women, the reason for this is unknown like so many other things regarding this fascinating place.
The structure is dated at well over 5000 years in fact, it is the oldest known official dated structure ever discovered, It makes you wonder why it is not covered more publicly, and once you discover that 7000 remains of possible aliens were discovered at this place, and subsequently stolen you begin to suspect sinister motives.
Indeed, within this buried structure the remains of 7000 beings were found all with long skulls, what is interesting about these skulls however, and what sets them apart, was that no evidence of cranial knitting or even past binding was discovered upon analysis, along with a long list of abnormalities that leant museum specialists towards the conclusion that these skulls were not human.
Subsequently stolen, vanishing without trace, that is however apart from, Dr Anton Mifsud , and his colleague Dr Charles Savona Ventura, initial research studies, recorded along with photographic and illustrative documentation.
The abnormalities included, but not limited too, the lack of a fossa, a lack of cranial knitting lines, abnormally developed temporal partitions, apparent drill holes and swollen occiputs, as if struggling with pressures.
The largest group of all of these skulls all lack cranial knitting, and lack any evidence of skull binding or artificial elongation in any form. This is a rare similarity shared with skulls found in Egypt and south America. It is also Unique within the world of pathology, were these skulls from an ancient alien race, living in a highly developed complex? Ultimately killed by man and their remains stacked within the structure? Maybe they didn’t taste very nice.
ThE WEBSITE ANCIENT ORIGIN dug up this amazing exert from national geographic From an examination of the skeletons of the polished-stone age, it appears that the early inhabitants of Malta were a race of long-skulled people of lower medium height, akin to the early people of Egypt, who spread westward along the north coast of Africa, whence some went to Malta and Sicily and others to Sardinia and Spain.

Prior to 1985 the skulls were on display at in the archaeological museum of Valletta, they were then taken down from public view and put into storage, they were never been seen again. Apart from a newspaper that accomplished attaining permission to photograph the collection and cover the story, all thanks to Robert zammit leader of the Maltese tourist board. Tis was shortly after they were taken down from public display, over 30 years ago. What exactly did these 7000 skulls belong too, how did they build the oracle room? Were they An alien race? If not why the cover up. Why has more public coverage of one of the oldest known prehistory discoveries not been made?

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