The Art Of: 3D – How To Make an Augmented Reality App (Exclusive) – Ovation

Kelly Hecker (Lead Game Programmer at Art + Science Labs) gives a tutorial to create your own augmented reality app.

Check out Art + Science Labs –

Step 1 –
Download the Unity Game Engine free –

Step 2 –
Download Vuforia –

Step 3 –
Find an image as a marker.

Step 4 –
Add your target, give it a name and drag your picture in. Click the check box and download selected targets

Step 5-
Find free 3D models for the tutorial –

Step 6 –
Open Vuforia and import your marker and 3D model.

Step 7 –
Add an AR camera by going to prefabs and then AR camera. Drag that into your scene.

Step 8 –
Drag the image target into your scene.

Step 9 –
Go to your AR…

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