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Extraterrestrial Knowledge At Foundation of Indigenous Cultures?

How much do indigenous cultures know about extraterrestrials? Listen to full podcast episode: explorers.collective-evolution.com/underground-military-bases/ To watch the full episode of The Collective Evolution Show, become a member of CETV: https://cetv.one Use promo code CETV20 to save $20 off a yearly membership. This clip is from the following episode on CETV: […]

I Met An Alien Who Explained Timelines and The Way of The Heart

#Messages #Truth #Workings #Disclosure #Aliens #Orion #Ascension Jiggy & Co. on Mysterious Forces Live w/ Natasha Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/C_W_Chanter iamtheonewhoworkshere now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Qj1n3VL5Egiz9jwnRN7TA Common Well Chanting Playlist: Common Well Chanting Dedicated Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFIIxOrpKshpg8Uo0CPlIw Lire l’article original

Extraterrestrial Presence On Earth ! [ The Truth ]

A small compilation of clips and talks on the presence and interaction of extraterrestrial intelligences. Do you believe? ANOTHER DOCUMENTARY ABOUT ET’s , UFO’s, INTERSTELLAR CIVILIZATIONS- LINK = Check out my facebook 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/AMBASSiDOREHANi Feel free to check out my Etsy page too if you are interested in any special […]

Anunnaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien PART 4 ~ Some clarifications

Anunnaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien PART 4 ~ Some clarifications Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series should be viewed before this one. This new Part 4 just clarifies some points which I felt were necessary. Hope you enjoy! Disclosure Gods David Wilcock Anunnaki Female 911 9-11 truth Fallen angels […]

Extraterrestrials Interrogated & Tortured in Secret Underground/Space Prisons

Extraterrestrials Interrogated & Tortured in Secret Underground/Space Prisons 🔥Hope you like the content of the story, »If you enjoy this programming, please donate so I can continue to bring it to you. » -The video clips have been re-purposed with the intent of educating and inspiring others. – I really respect creators […]

Visiting Top Secret Area 51 & Extraterrestrial Highway

UFOs! Extraterrestrials! Area 51! Somehow these three things have become intermixed into one amazing legend, that the US Government is holding and experimenting with Extraterrestrial Alien Flying Saucers and other UFOs at their Top Secret base, AREA 51. I’ve heard about Area 51 all my life, and even though there’s […]

The Truth Behind Abduction By Extraterrestrials!

We all heard that people being abducted by some non human things before but , none of officials explaind why this happens? Is it true? Or some kind of hallucination? Well looks like its a real thing! Music: This music called : purpleplanetmusic: Immuration Its from purpleplanetmusic by Geoff Harvey […]

Naked Science – Alien Contact

Subscribe to Naked Science – http://goo.gl/wpc2Q1 Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare… Just for a moment, imagine a universe awash with life, where we humans are not the only intelligent beings around. What might these alien races look like? […]


Aujourd’hui je vais vous donner mon classement personnel des 7 races extraterrestres les plus mystérieuses. Je ne parlerai pas des espèces fantaisistes mais seulement de celles qui ont le plus été décrites notamment dans les cas d’enlèvement par des OVNI. Me suivre sur Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jeremysteres/?fref=ts Sources: http://secretebase.free.fr/ovni/races/races.htm Origine extraterrestre […]


Must watch: « SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015 » ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ_uCvTBhaA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- STUNNED GIRL SNAPS HD PICS OF ALIEN SHIP BEFORE ABDUCTION! UFOS ARE REAL Secureteam10 is your source for the best in new UFO sighting videos, information on the government coverup and alien activity […]

¿Los ovnis y los seres extraterrestres son verdad?

La Hermana Carla Medrano quiere saber sobre los habitantes del espacio exterior, de lo que muchos hablan, como los ovnis y los platillos voladores. Quisiera saber si esto es para confundir al mundo. Escuche cómo el Hermano Eli Soriano responde a su pregunta a través de los versículos en las […]

12.6 – D.C. Raids/Q/UFO News/Jerusalem/PGate News/CA Fires

28 Arrested in DC Crackdown – https://goo.gl/QPJa1N Tucker Carlson/FOX on Vegas Shooting – https://goo.gl/x7qpEC Fox: « Best Day to View UFO? » – https://goo.gl/1H17ns Express.co.uk: « Secret Space Program?! » – https://goo.gl/dmdu6o Antarctic discovery suggests life on other planets – https://goo.gl/uQqJtu Corey Feldmans 1993 audio recordings found – https://goo.gl/mB7NfB Getty Center forced to close […]

9.18 – Iceland Govt. Collapses from #Pedogate | New D.C. Attorney General | More UFO Sightings

Sept 18th Some of today’s sources: The Free Thought Project : « Vatican Diplomat in D.C. Allowed to Flee to Church to Avoid Prosecution for Child Porn » – https://goo.gl/rnDdWF Ron Paul Liberty Report: « Scandal: The Pentagon’s $2 Billion Underground Syria Weapons Pipeline » – https://goo.gl/yyjbcY Zerohedge: « Hillary Clinton’s Alternative Take On What […]

UFOs Filmed In Crop Circle 18/7/17 – ORANGE UFO CONNECTION

These Orange UFOs have been spotted world wide as you will see in this video however on the 18th of july 2017 a female named Kat Kinne The full facebook video is linked here: In this video is ANOTHER ufo sighting the night before a formation appeared in WIltshire a […]

7.12 – UFO Disinformation Ramping Up In The Mainstream Media

July 12th 2017 Today’s Sources: Snopes: « UFO Enthusiast Now Facing Child Pornography Charges Is Subject of Netflix Documentary » – https://goo.gl/yxG9vF Express: ‘They’re here’ Man killed after claims ‘aliens are on Earth and government covered it up’ » – https://goo.gl/tJ96hs The Guardian: « Atmospheric sound channels – good for sleuths but not UFOs » […]

Signs Humanity is Part Alien

Are humans the genetic creations of another race of beings?… Bonus [email protected] Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/strangemysteries Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico www.tasteofjam.com Or are we their genetic relations? Might we be alien interlopers on planet Earth? And if so, what proof do we have of our extra-terrestrial origins? The story […]

The Truth About Aliens Caught On Camera | Real UFO Videos 2017

The Truth About Aliens Caught On Camera | Real UFO Videos 2017 This video is a compilation of most viewed scary ghost videos on the internet. Best of scary Videos all time. these videos are taken from different places, this shows mysterious activities happening around the world. @HU819K# Subscribe us […]