Étiquette : The Moon

Our Moon Is Artificial And Built By Aliens! May be…

Be like SMART BANANA: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel! In 1975, Donald Wilson published « Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon: Is Our Nearest Neighbor A Huge Alien Spacecraft? » in which he provided evidence to support this theory. In 1976, George H. Leonard published « Someone on the Moon », in which he […]

Can An Extraterrestrial Be Seen Lying On The Moon Wearing A Breathing Apparatus? (Moon Mysteries)

In this video we explore something very strange that can be seen in a photo of the Moon. Many claim it could be an extraterrestrial. As well as a possible UFO that can also be found on the lunar surface. Fact or fiction? Of Sound Mind And Body Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/theofsoundmindandbodyshop […]

Structures Found On Venus Could Prove Life Was Once There + More. (Alien Mysteries)

In this video we’ll explore several bizarre structure that were found in a NASA map of Venus. Structures that could prove the existence of extra terrestrials. Of Sound Mind And Body Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/theofsoundmindandbodyshop Other Of Sound Mind And Body videos: UFOs And Alien Structures Found On The Ocean Floor. UFO […]

Des Ovnis Sous Les Nuages De La Lune & Des Ovnis Combattants?

artiste de musique est Kevin Macleod…allez voir a ce site web pour tous sa collection de musique… incompetech.com Bonjour et Bienvenue. Merci d’être passer voir mes recherche sur la lune/ Je m’appela Bruce Swartz et j’ai un telescope de 14 pouces . Un appareil photo Nikon D 850 de 46 […]

Proof Of UFO's Firing On The Moon & Huge Fireball With Infrared Cam

Thank you David Dsimukes for the generous donation…I will add your name to the list of contributors at the end of each video…THANKS music artist Kevin Macleod goto incompetency.com for his entire collection of music… UFO research and firing ufos on the surface of the moon. Proof of both activity […]

Proof Of UFO's EXPLOSIONS & Construction On The Moon's Surface

music artist Kevin Macleod goto incompetech.com for his entire collection… Video stars out with a couple of cool Infrared Captures (falling stars) This.video is about the documented evidence I am gathering on the moon and both in our skies and in Space….showing us signs of a confirmed civilization off of […]

Infrared UFO Over Sirius Live Moon & Gravitational Waves Over Mars +

music artist is Kevin Macleod and here is the link to his website: incompetech.com Thanks for Subscribing Everyone…Clarified the massive ufo and got rid of some noise in the live footage and this object went by twice in a period of 4 minutes. Massive flashing star flashed twice while the […]

Researching The Natural Geography Of The Moon & Firing UFO's

music artist Kevin Macleod…if you want to see his entire collection goto incompetech.com for his entire collection. I show a straight up inversion of the moons natural geography. What the surface hidden layer looks like and what nobody distinguishes from the surface . I show a close up of my […]

Exclusive Lunar UFO Sightings & Live Footage Of Real Activity & Proof

music artist for my intro & Endtro is Kevin Macleod…goto incompetch.com for his entire collection of music… This is Exclusive UFO research and the research of an Alien species intelligent or not on the surface of the moon. I could write in big bold letters that this research is real. […]

UFO’s On The Moon & Sinus Iridum Surface Anomalies Nikon D 850

music artist is Kevin Macleod goto incompetech,com for his entire collection of music. More shadow ufo’s on the surface of the moon seen in recently filmed live telescope footage/ Sinus Iridum surface… I got a nice view of the objects that are natural or not. Thanks all… http://myevent.com/bruceseesall

Exclusive UFO Research & Sightings During The Full Moon Feb 19th 2019

music artist In this video is Kevin Macleod goto incompetech.com for his entire music collection… This is real ufo research revealing what everyone in the world wants to know….and that is if the moon is actively being visited or that it is inhabited. I have the proof. Please take the […]

UFO’s Launch From Exact Same Location + Live Moon Feb10th 2019

music artist intro: Kevin Macleod – go see his entire collection at: incompetech.com UFO’s leaving stations on the moon as lights spark up as they land and remain lit up when they leave for the next one. Occuring at high rates of speed so I slowed down the video to […]

UFO’s & Explosion With An Infrared Camera & Live Lunar Anomalies

music artist intro and ending Kevin Macleod goto incompetech.com HARDEST TIME UPLOADING THESE UFO FILES…UFO SIGHTINGS CAUSE ERRORS IN THE FOOTAGE RECORDED… Infrared Camera catches flash of light possibly a meteor and two ufos. I show the first attempt free hand when I first tried the camera I caught so […]

Live UFO Telescope Research & The Proof Of Constructed Objects

music artist intro music Kevin Macleod goto Incompetech.com for his entire collection… Real Live UFO Research. The stuff that we all have been looking for as proof of an alien existence on the surface of our Moon…Constructed objects shown in this video. http://myevent.com/bruceseesall

UFO Exits Clavius Crater Ignites & Shoots Projectiles All Around

music artist Kevin Macleod goto Incompetech.com for his entire list… Thanks for Subscribing everyone and for the contributions to this research channel. This is Live Telescope footage on thermion filmed by Bruce Swartz with a CGXL1400 HD telescope and a Nikon D 850 … 46 megapixel camera…UFO’s Live and The […]