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Franck a été enlevé par des extra-terrestres à Cergy-Pontoise | Archive INA

Abonnez-vous http://bit.ly/inasociete Temps X 26/04/1980 Reconstitution de l’affaire de Cergy-Pontoise survenue le 26 novembre 1979. Trois amis Jean-Pierre PREVOST, Salomon N’DIAYE et Franck FONTAINE avouent avoir vécu une expérience surnaturelle durant laquelle Franck FONTAINE est enlevé par des extraterrestres. En alternance avec des manchettes de presse et des images factuelles […]

Let’s Replay X-COM UFO Defence #70: The Surface of Cydonia

Once you launch for Cydonia there’s no going back, so you’d better make sure you’re ready as this mission is special for a number of reasons, most notably because it’s a two part mission. Though X-COM know the location of the alien base, the entrance to it is still not […]

Let’s Replay X-COM UFO Defence Extra: What if we Lost?

Those familiar with the bad ending of XCOM Enemy Unknown/Within will know what happens as a consequence of defeat against the aliens: the aliens conquer the world, XCOM is almost entirely obliterated and a new world order emerges, leading up to the events of the sequel. It’s grim, yes, but […]

Let’s Replay X-COM UFO Defence #71: The Final Mission

The second part of the final mission is an alien base that shares a lot of similarities with the other bases we’ve taken out, though two things make it different. First, there’s the central area with the ‘mother brain’ that X-COM needs to take out, no doubt heavily guarded though […]

Let’s Replay X-COM UFO Defence #69: The Final Preparations

With the Avenger constructed and the location of our final mission known, all that remains is to prepare for it. Nothing more can be achieved on Earth; our only hope lies in striking at the heart of the alien operation at Cydonia and destroying the mastermind of the whole operation. […]

Let’s Replay X-COM UFO Defence #68: The End Draws Near

With the Avenger nearly constructed and the alien commander we captured currently being interrogated, it’s only a matter of time before X-COM have everything that they need to launch an attack against the base of operations of the aliens. Since the beginning X-COM have been on the defensive, reacting to […]

Let’s Replay X-COM UFO Defence #67: Not in My Backyard

Even at this late point in the game, the aliens are still pressing on with their enigmatic plans despite how successful X-COM has been. Despite that, the aliens still have one or two surprises up their sleeves that I’d never be able to anticipate, curious quirks of the game’s mechanics […]

Let’s Replay X-COM UFO Defence #64: Seeing All, Yet Seeing Nothing

Even with the hyperwave decoder detecting every UFO that enters into range, there are still things that are going on which we won’t notice by being passive. Alien bases can be set up even within that detection radius and they won’t become visible until an X-COM operative reveals them – […]