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    UFO Drone that Flies by Sensing Your Hands! – No Transmitter – No App

    Please subscribe for more! Got this drone from amazon here: UFO Shape and Gesture Controlled Flying Toy: You just need to throw the flying ball toy out gently, it can start to fly immediatedly. The most suprising feature is that it can fly in the opposite direction when your hands are close to it. […] More

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    $20 Hand Controlled UFO Drone – TheRcSaylors

    Buy it Here: This UFO drone is surprisingly a lot more fun than we expected. Though its flight functionality does not perform as well as the Helifar drone we recently featured on our channel, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. It is very easy to fly and any kid, young or […] More

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    10 Scariest UFO Drone Sightings

    Extremely Detailed and Up to Date Gear/Site lists Haters gonna hate NEW! CHECK out my new site! ETHiX – Please Follow me 😀 Instagram: Periscope: Twitter: Facebook: ********Support me here – Weekly PODCAST _MUSIC _ Outro Tune Step Cat « Jitterbug » Check out my NEW amazon Shop SITE […] More