Étiquette : Paranormal Crucible

Tom DeLonge’s UFO Press Conference

Rock band Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge announced a new project Wednesday that was supposed to change the way UFOs are researched. It’s called « To the Stars Academy » and it’s made up of scientists, researchers, and ex-government officials who are experts in the field. The group consists of ex-CIA members, […]

Incredible UFO Cube Docks Close To The Sun?

Compelling footage of a very defined cube anomaly that appeared twice in the same footage. The first sighting appears to show the cube traveling toward the sun, several days later a similar anomaly appears to dock within the corona of the Sun, it remained there for two days, probably soaking […]

Alien Caught Stalking Curiosity Rover On Mars

YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible, recently uploaded a video of an image of what looks like to be an alien holding a gun. This YouTube Channel investigated this NASA photo from the Curiosity Rover and made claims that maybe this is an alien statue. Subscribe To Inform Overload: https://www.youtube.com/user/InformOverload ———————————— STORY […]