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The Alien is Coming! (Kids Build Ultimate AVENGERS Endgame Nerf Blasters) KIDCITY

The Alien is Coming! We just found a new mystery box last week, and today we are planning to defend the world! To do this, the Kids to build the Ultimate AVENGERS Endgame Nerf Blaster to battle the alien with! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/kdctyvsub | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔 […]

Kids Hunt the Aliens! (with Avengers Endgame Nerf Blasters) KIDCITY

Today the Kids (Little Flash and Ava) Hunt the Aliens, along with the mystery box they saw fall from the sky! What kind of mystery gadget is this?? To help them out, they will choose new Avengers Endgame Nerf Blasters, just in case they need to fight the aliens off. […]

Alien Invasion Sneak Attack | Ethan’s Extra Terrestrial Nerf Battle

An Alien Invader from Outer Space makes a Sneak Attack on Ethan and Dexter, and an ExtremeToys TV inspired Nerf Battle ensues! Star Kidz Ethan and Dexter are playing in the woods when they hear a mysterious noise! A Spaceship has landed in the field next to them and an […]

Alien Sabotage! Nerf Extra Terrestrial Insanity!

The alien has returned! And this time it attempts sabotage on Ethan and Cole. Good thing they have the Nerf Modulus Regulator and the Nerf Doomlands Desolator to attack with! The craxy extra terrestrial tries to turn all of the appliances and the Nerf Terra Scout against the boys with […]

НЛО прилетело ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНЕ у нас в городе НЕРФ Битва Апокалипсис UFO Aliens Nerf War Видео для детей

НЛО прилетело ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНЕ у нас в городе НЕРФ Битва Апокалипсис UFO Extraterrestrials Nerf War НЛО прилетело в наш город. Инопланетяне спустились на землю. Амелька и папа прячутся за деревом от инопланетян. Нерф бластеры. #НЛО#Инопланетяне#Бластер#Нерф Смотрите другие наши видео : СВИНКА ПЕППА Грязнуля Война против Пыли Нашествие Пыли Peppa Pig vs […]

Alien Invasion! Creepy Alien Creature Nerf Battle! Extra Terrestrial Attacks Ethan and Cole!

The aliens have come! Can Ethan and Cole protect the house with their toy Nerf guns? The creepy extra terrestrial has come to take over. The boys defend themselves with the Nerf Rampage and Nerf Stryfe. But the scary creature from outer space has come with the Nerf Ravager and […]