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Researcher excites UFO enthusiasts with ‘unearthed alien mummies’

A number of self-proclaimed UFO researchers claimed that a recently unearthed humanoid-shaped mummy is the latest evidence of alien life on earth, in a press conference in Lima, Tuesday. The alleged discovery involves a mummified humanoid unearthed in Peru, which, according to journalist Jaime Maussan leading the research, dates back […]

Google Extra terrestrial? UFO spotter shows ‘amazing evidence’

Google Extra-terrestrial? UFO spotter shows ‘amazing evidence’ of his alien abduction. A prominent UFO spotter believes he has proof of his previous alien abduction, thanks to Google Earth’s satellite images. John Mooner, from Devon in the UK, shared his findings with the Torquay Herald Express on Monday. Mooner says he […]

UFO ‘caught on camera arriving through wormhole?’

UFO ‘caught on camera arriving through wormhole?’ – viral video sparks ALIEN debate A VIDEO allegedly showing a UFO arriving to Earth through a « plasma beam » has sparked a major online debate about what it actually could be. Clips of the event which happened over Arizona, Texas, have gone viral […]

7 Most CREDIBLE UFO Sightings

From UFOs over the Whitehouse to burnt Frenchmen and strange city-wide sightings, these are the 7 most credible UFO sightings. When most UFOs are spotted logical conclusions blame military aircraft for the incident, and discussions immediately turn to the Air Force covering up a test run of their new fancy-pants […]