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Satélites Starlink na Holanda flagram OVNIS, uma suposta invasão alienígena? dizem que não!

Qual sua Opnião sobre este assunto? #LuzArcturiana #MudFlood #Tartaria #Dilúvio #OzziePena Quer dar uma força pro canal? NOVIDADE* Quer comprar uma camisa do canal e ajudar o canal a colocar nosso site no ar e ser uma plataforma independente? faça seu pedido pelo Whatsapp: (24)99968-2027 http://vaka.me/485190 https://www.patreon.com/luzarcturiana https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=E5WSRHZ9427VE&source=url Se quiser […]

J’étais un Illuminati… maintenant je raconte tout (Vols Spatiaux, Denver, Extraterrestres)

Lire ici : https://conscience-cosmique11.blogspot.com/2019/04/jetais-un-illuminati-maintenant-je.html Livres a lire absolument👇 Le Plus Grand Secret: de David Icke ► https://amzn.to/2ZoLXI9 Esclaves d’un moi fantôme: Comment se retrouver en se libérant des forces occultes qui nous manipulent: de David Icke ► https://amzn.to/2XC3HhM L’illusion de la réalité. On se fait tous rouler !: Les révélations […]

Notre Dame, Ovnis en Mexico y Anuncios Varios

#notredame #astaroth #illuminati ======== COUNSELING PRESENCIAL PARA EMPRESARIOS,MILITARES, DOCTORES, MAESTROS, PROFESIONALES Inicio vía WhatsApp : 22 de Abril Inicio Presenciales : 21 de Junio Duracion del Counseling : Hasta 18 Meses Seis anillos iniciatorios Taller orientador de 4 meses via WhatsApp. Aprenda haciendo Magia REAL. Iniciación presencial en Paraguay ( […]

Finally! Vatican Shows Alien Bodies Deep Inside Rome Archives. Pope Disclosed UFO Alien Presence

Christian Church has many secrets. From Knights of Templar treasures to Ark of the Covenant superpowers. It was long rumored that a selected few illuminati were given a secret knowledge about very strange mummies hidden in the endless hallways of Vatican archives under the seven seals. Those mummies are covered […]

Anunnaki – Rulers of our world? Our extraterrestrial roots (Part 1)

In this series of videos we investigate if we are connected to an extraterrestrial (ET) race, called the Anunnaki. (Nephilim in the Bible) We investigate what their intention are, and if they are the entities which are still controlling our earth today. Link to my book: Why the « New World […]

The Danger of Dogma & Myth – God, Flat Earth, Aliens, Bigfoot, Illuminati, etc.

A word of warning and some advice for those who believe in various dogmas, myths and conspiracy theories, such as god, flat earth, aliens, UFOs, bigfoot, the illuminati, New World Order, etc. etc., and for those who are prominent leaders of these dogmas, myths and groups. I am a husband […]

Selected by Extraterrestrials by William Tompkins: Commentary by Richard Bruce

I comment on the late William Tompkins’ book about his fascinating life of working in the American secret space program for the black budget (trillions missing) in which he claims to have designed space battleships which got built, and he did it with the help of Nordic type aliens. Although […]


*Merci a ceux qui like et partage les vidéos* LES RACES EXTRATERRESTRES MDDTV Les diverses descriptions des races extra-terrestres données ici sont à prendre avec beaucoup de précaution et de méfiance. Les sources sont en effet essentiellement du channeling (messages télépathiques) et parfois des messages de contactés (Personnes ayant rencontrés […]

The final Illuminati plan that the elites prepare us: Extraterrestrial Invasion?

Although the topics that Brown deals with in the work are well-known among researchers, it motivated the general public to read historical mysteries between the lines. In that case, the adventure pointed to the legend of the Holy Grail, conspiracies in the Vatican and the revelation of the secret disciple […]