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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch: INVESTIGATING MYSTERIOUS LIGHTS at UFO Ranch (Season 1) | History

The team rushes to track down the source of a mysterious beam of light on the mesa, in this clip from Season 1, « Night Visions. » #TheSecretOfSkinwalkerRanch Subscribe for more HISTORY: https://histv.co/SubscribeToHistory Check out exclusive HISTORY content: History Newsletter:… Lire l’article original

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch: DANGEROUS RADIATION at UFO Hotspot (Season 1) | History

At UFO Hotspot Skinwalker Ranch, the team explores a mesa that appeared to be pulsating in the night. Using tri-field meters they detect very dangerous levels of radiation, leaving the team wanting answers, in this clip from Season 1, « Bad Things Happen When You Dig. »… Lire l’article original

12 HOUR UFO HOTSPOT LIVE STREAM: Skinwalker Ranch Live Surveillance | History

HISTORY is live streaming 12 hours of surveillance footage from Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, one of the most infamous and secretive hotspots of paranormal and UFO-related activities on earth. User SRW_Live will be on hand with real-time comments and bonus info on what’s going on at the… Lire l’article original