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Top 10 MIND-BLOWING UFO encounters

Dive into the unknown with these top ten MIND-BLOWING UFO sightings from across the globe and beyond! These encounters make you wonder, are we really alone in the universe? Don’t forget to hit the like button if chills ran down your spine. Drop a comment …

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'Ball of pure white light' thought to be a UFO spotted over Leeds

According to Iain Boyd, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, the Pentagon’s sudden interest has little do do with aliens. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: …

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Our Universe, Milky Way and Extraterrestrial Contact: The Real Numbers

Check out our LIVE show, FREE, Mon-Thursday 7pm PST at Follow Jimmy Church on Twitter: Tweets by JChurchRadio FADE to BLACK Fadernaut Membership: FADE to BLACK $2.00 Podcast: FADE to BLACK FB Official Fan Group: Lire l’article original

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UFO Abduction! – Photo manipulation tutorial

In this fun photo manipulation tutorial you will learn how to drive an UFO 😅 almost… You will learn a lot of interesting tips, tricks and techniques to be able to make your own version of UFO abduction scene. Have fun! _ ➤PATREON: ➤My …

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Did This FBI Raid Hide UFO Proof?

In 2018, the FBI shockingly raided the Sunspot Observatory and closed it for 11 days. They took nothing, they interviewed nobody, and they left without a word. What were they looking for? Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies! – WE HAVE MERCH! …

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Secret Aliens

Visit our sponsor, Brilliant: The possibility that aliens might be regularly visiting Earth is one of the most popular Fermi Paradox solutions. In this episode we will look at UFOs and flying saucers theories and arguments, as well as examining the logic and possible …

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