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Extraterrestrial Knowledge At Foundation of Indigenous Cultures?

How much do indigenous cultures know about extraterrestrials? Listen to full podcast episode: explorers.collective-evolution.com/underground-military-bases/ To watch the full episode of The Collective Evolution Show, become a member of CETV: https://cetv.one Use promo code CETV20 to save $20 off a yearly membership. This clip is from the following episode on CETV: […]

Extraterrestrial Contactee Explains What The Beings Looked Like

Susan Manewich describes her encounter with ET beings and what they looked like. This is a small part of a much larger interview with did with Susan called The Contactee Experience. You can watch the full interview for free here: https://explorers.collective-evolution.com/exclusive-interview-the-contactee-experience/

David Wilcock On Division In The UFO Community And The New Doc ‘Above Majestic’

Joe Martino recently chatted with David Wilcock about the division in the UFO community and the massively successful new doc ABOVE MAJESTIC. You can check out the doc here: http://radi.al/AboveMajestic ABOVE MAJESTIC features some of the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers, and disseminators in the movement for Truth […]