Smart People Say It’s An Alien Ship – Why Don’t We Believe Them? – Collider Live #35

Is there a reason why the first ‘d’ in Wednesday is necessary? I mean, we say it like “Wens-day”, but it just seems weird. Maybe it’s just a regional US or LA thing, with dialects evolving over time in regions, and dropping certain sounds. Or is it because of aliens? Actually, the latter most likely, yeah. Let’s just say it is. Host Kristian Harloff, Roxy Striar, Josh Macuga, Mark Reilly, Brett Sheridan, Cobbster, Cody, and Alex talk the latest in movie news, discuss what may have been an alien probe and aliens in general.

00:00 Josh’s Crazy Rich Eating recap
12:03 Collider Triscuit/Fart Talk
28:15 Brett recaps his Germany trip with Danish Kristian Harloff
38:06 Breaking Bad movie in the works; do we want a sequel? Why did one of the Better Call Saul actors cut off his…

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