Several Radioactive UFO’s Found In Siberian Swamp?

There are some parts of earth, that remain largely unexplored, places that contain artefacts that have lay there for many years, out of reach from the clutches of governments. And death valley within Siberia is one of these special, last remaining sanctuaries, for meteorite fragments of outer worldly objects that have crashed on our planet over the years. People native to the area, possess a legend regarding several large metal objects, that litter the valley.

The native people, the Yakutians, called these mysterious objects “olguis”, or cauldrons. They are said to have been forged out of an unknown metal, copper-like in color, but incredibly hard, with razor-sharp edges. No one has ever been able to cut off a fragment for study, Over time, the natives began to notice that the cauldrons were slowly sinking into the frozen ground and disappearing, leaving behind large circular stains of dissimilar vegetation. These places have always been associated with being dangerous for all living things by the people, A person’s head would start to spin, and he would be struck by an unknown, but fatal illness. For this reason, the elders prohibited the others from coming to these parts, declaring the region cursed and naming it Uliuiu Cherkechekh, or the Valley of Death .
There are numerous tales of travelers who stumbled upon the taiga cauldrons, Mikhail Koretsky from Vladivostok wrote to the newspaper Trud that he’d been to the Valley of Death three times. The first time was in 1933, when he was ten years old, the second time in 1937 and finally in 1947 with his friends. He saw a total of seven cauldrons; all looked mysterious and measured six to nine meters in diameter. The vegetation around them seemed oddly unnatural, more lush than the surrounding plants. Giant burdock leaves, long stalks and weird grass twice as tall as a human. They spent the night in one cauldron and nothing major happened to anyone, but one member lost all his hair after a month and two small pustules that never healed appeared on the cheek on which Koreckij slept.
These places were located in a distant region, accessible only by helicopter, and the cauldrons never warranted an expedition. an old Eveni hunter, In 1971 found in the ground an iron burrow, in which there lay skinny, black, one-eyed beings in iron costumes. No one believed him. Only in 1979 did an archaeological expedition set out from the capital city Yakutsk . Despite the fact that it had a guide an old settler who saw the cauldrons in his youth, the expedition was unsuccessful. The area where they were found had changed dramatically over the years, The vegetation has become so thick surrounding them that one can’t see more than ten steps ahead, so any discovery whatsoever is more or less a question of coincidence. Nobody has had the time or money for such a demanding expedition, and so only rumours remained. Who built them, For what purpose, And did they even exist?

one Legend regarding the objects states that they were part of an alien technology to protect the region from meteorite impacts. Placed their by an alien race which crashed on earth many thousands of years ago.
Many people scoffed at the idea of the metal objects existence, the area is not known
for smelting at any time in history, and the climates would have made
it virtually impossible to create such objects for the past several thousand years. And with
official reports of their existence dating back to 1853, you begin to wonder what they could actually be.
with legends of them being a defence system of some form, it would be a mistake not to look at any corroborating evidence to such a claim.
Imagine their surprise when investigators linked this precise region with 3 meteorite impacts, in just 100 years, Tunguska meteorite 1908, Chulym meteorite 1984 and Irkutsk in 2011.
In 1936, a geologist with the help of native direction,
located one of the objects, he described it as a smooth metal hemisphere with a reddish hue. it was
protruding from the ground and had
a sharp edge.
Many explorers to the area have become ill after visiting the objects, extremely high radiation levels are registered in the area.
The latest
scientific expedition in 2010, consisting of three geologists, an astrophysicist, a mechanical engineer and several assistants, successfully located the huge metal formations buried in strange warm
swamps. But still in situ, these objects are clearly of historical and scientific importance, but are separate from other such artefacts, in that no effort seems to have been made to retrieve them by governmental bodies, are they really a functioning defensive weapon? therefore left in-situ intentionally? with official confirmations of their existence spanning 200 years, you have to wonder why no one has tried to dig one up.

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