Search for Extraterrestrial Life: UNEARTHING THE EVIDENCE ! #SearchforET #EBENS #Darksideofthemoon

Search For Extraterrestrial Life- I begin unearthing the declassified video evidence I’ve just received from the government through a FOIA request. A clip is featured in this video. Father of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), scientist Frank Drake, is featured in a closed government lecture, joking about classified forms of energy. He also discusses interstellar colonization. Astronomer Frank Drake (famous for The Drake Equation) doesn’t have this lecture on his resume.

In this video, I feature a clip from the declassified files, and need to ask you whether it is worth posting the full video? My computer literally makes noises when I try to load the entire video. The files DOE sent me are huge, and the sound is really low. I’m happy to try to edit it so that the…

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