Realtime Greenscreen Using Unreal Engine

At University of Advancing Technology, the Digital Video Program is collaborating with the Game Art, Game Design, and Game Programming majors to develop a realtime rendering solution for generating environments for greenscreen movies using the Unreal game engine and other off-the-shelf technologies. Here’s the first demo.

BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera
YEI 3-Space Sensor Wireless
TriCaster TC40
Unreal Development Kit
Zacuto Z-Finder
Manfrotto fluid pan-tilt heads
SDI-HDMI converter
HDMI-Component converters
Component-HDMI converters

Managing green spill (primarily thru lighting)
Key quality (thru green spill management and adjusting TC40 LiveKey)
Reducing mocap lag
Adding capture of additional axes of motion (such as dolly moves)

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