Ray Tracing On AMD is HERE!

Real time Ray tracing, a technology so advanced that only the best of the best GPU’s from Nvidia can run it , right ? False. CryTek, the makers of Cryengine a game engine used in games like prey, evolve and crysis Just demonstrated that any gpu can run it by leveraging the proper API’s. Not only that but the demo they featured in this video is being run on a Vega 56 card.

They say that the Ray tracing used here is not bound to hardware and uses Direct X12 and the vulkan API’s which are both open standards compared to Nvidia’s RTX tech. What is interesting here is that AMD might have an advantage since their DX12 performance has always been better than Nvidia’s. The demo is pretty impressive, the textures are worthy of a triple A game and the ray traced elements here are…

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