Our THIRD UFO Sighting! *ALIENS*

BigBrudda (Jeffrey Ridgway / JT Ridgway) is living with his brother Jesse Ridgway (Mcjuggernuggets) in their YouTuber House. Weeks ago, while Boogie2988 and Brian Spitz were staying with them, they heard a mysterious noise they believed to be from an unidentified flying object (UFO). The next night, while Kidbehindacamera was staying with them, they heard it again and rushed outside to see mysterious lights in the sky. This all took place just days after the first image of a black hole was taken. For the THIRD time in the past month, they heard the noise once again…but this time the found the mysterious lights seemingly hovering our grounded completely. Our third ufo sighting leaves us wondering…ALIENS? Comment your thoughts below.

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