Our Alien Moon: The TRUTH They Don't Want Us To Know!

Our Alien Moon: The TRUTH They Don’t Want Us To Know!

This is a mini documentary about some strange anomalies, mysteries and conspiracies that involve Earths satellite. A few of the clips within this documentary are interviews that I have conducted in the past! With this being the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings, I thought this was the right time to make a video on some of the questions that are unanswered. Below are a few thought provoking questions within the video.

– Why haven’t we officially been back to the moon since 1972?
– What did Neil Armstrong and other Apollo astronauts witness on the moon?
– Were they warned to never come back to the moon?
– Did they see extraterrestrials?
– Did they see an alien civilization?
– Did they see ancient alien ruins on the moons…

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