Mantis Aliens: Extraterrestrial Guide | Alien Races 2019

Extraterrestrial guide to alien races in 2019. Mantis Aliens are spiritually advanced compared to humans. They are known to be powerful healers and shamans of the galaxy. The majority of Mantis Aliens are very friendly in nature, but some groups are service to self. The Mantis race have been involved with the infamous alien abduction program.

The Gray aliens are the creators of the Mantis race, and they have a long galactic history together. During Gray Alien abductions, The Mantis are often seen in the background. There are many different groups of Mantis and Gray Aliens. They not share the same agenda and there are many friendly and non-friendly alien groups. The Mantis are the supervisor of the hybrid program on Earth, and thanks to the human DNA, they have created many alien…

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