How to Yoyo with your First Yoyo

Learn how to yoyo – learn how to throw a sleeper, how to wind a yoyo, and how to deal with common mistakes. These yoyo tips will help you get ready to start learning tricks.

Step 1: Make a slip-knot for your finger by pulling the string below the knot through the pre-tied loop at the top the string.
Step 2: Put the slip-knot on your middle finger between the first and second knuckle.
Step 3: With your palm facing up, position the yoyo in your hand with the string going from your yoyo finger over the yoyo.
Step 4: Bend your arm to make a muscle, then release the yoyo by extending your arm, making sure not to drop your hand too much or the yoyo will hit the ground.
Step 5: As the yoyo sleeps at the bottom of the string, turn your hand over and tug on the string to…

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