Hangar 52 « We Are Not Alone » Episode 1 UFO MOVIE! 2015

Every Two Weeks Subscribe Not To Miss A must see Alien Abduction, Redemption- Action Film. Hangar 52 « We are not alone » An action, adventure thriller that centers around a young boy and his mysterious relationship with E.T.’s. A story of a family struggle, with the threat of intergalactic war hanging in the balance. A war veteran journalist is sent to investigate recovered technology from the famous 1947 UFO crash in Roswell. Obtained by retired fighter pilot Col Bufford, who has hid this source of inter-dimensional energy, in an underground alien base until now! The future of earth is in jeopardy. Will The demise of civilization with the dark shadow government and the evil alien race spell the end of humanity? The answer is in HANGAR 52: We are not alone.

Its been seven years since the Cousins Brothers Have released a movie. We have been working on Thirdphaseofmoon the Worlds Largest UFO Channel on Youtube in Regards To UFOs! With over Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand…

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