George Knapp Former US Navy Man Describes Tic Tac UFO Encounters

COAST TO COAST AM. The tracks travelled in a loose formation that resembled snowflakes falling in the sky and were observed on and off for several days. By November 14th, he became concerned because an air defence exercise was scheduled for the Nimitz, and the unknown objects represented a hazard for safe flight operations. From November 10th through the 16th, there were some 100 sightings of the unidentified formation by around 20 naval staff aboard the Princeton and other ships, Day cited. According to other radar operators, the craft at times fell straight out of the sky from 80,000 ft. to just 50 ft. above the water in a matter of seconds, as well as zoomed in from outer space to 80,000 ft. Day has written a slightly fictionalized account of his experiences in his book Sailor’s…

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