Footage Of Alleged Alien Captured At Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico. April 8, 2019

This footage was submitted to MUFON and this is what i know about this footage. Its claimed to have caught a alien that was invisible to the eye but was filmed on camera in a area of the Chihuahuan Desert called White Sands. This is my opinion on this footage, I’m not sure if this is real or CGI as there is no zoomed shots and the « Alien » in the footage isn’t clear but say this, the person who took the footage claims that they couldn’t see anything with there naked eye so that is understandable, Also of late MUFON has had it share of people posting Hoax videos and pictures so could this be one of many or the real deal?
SOURCE: MUFON Case Number 99655
Music Credit: Reloaded by Savfk
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