Unity 5 – Lowres Upscaling Test (Ludum Dare Prep!)

Here’s a quick test showing off some stuff that me and Jason are working on to get ready for the game jam in two days. Jason made the rocks/grass, I coded the basic character controller and threw some stuff together in the scene, along with figuring out how to use render textures to view the entire game at the tiny resolution of 160×90 pixels. We really want to come up with an original style for the art direction, and I think we’ve found something that works well. It’s quick to produce assets for, as we can focus on the silhouette and don’t really even have to worry about texturing things besides adding some noise.

We’ll be livestreaming from April 17th at 6pm through the 20th.

Stop by http://www.twitch.tv/coopeffinnasty to watch me program.

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