Antichrist Star Sign, UFO’s & The Warning 2022?

TradCatKnight Radio, Antichrist Star Sign, UFO’s & The Warning 2022?
Talk given 1-16-17 (aprx 1 hr 25 mins)

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Join me for the next hour and a half or so wherein I discuss the latest prophetic bombshell giving us a better indication as to the formal arrival of Antichrist Maitreya onto the scene. As many as you know I have been saying once we saw the mainstream media and the Jews specifically giving us a time frame for this star sign then we would know just how close we are to Maitreyas Day of Declaration. truly exciting times to be alive and be an eagle. Wilst the Vatican Ii modernists would have you to believe this information is not important Our Lord taught otherwise (Watch and pray!). This maybe the most important talk you hear this year so please join me. A new star to be born in the skies in late December 2022 and what does this all mean? What does a more general timeline look now with this date the faithless Jews are giving (who are awaiting their false messiah)?

References for this talk:

Our Lady of Heede, Germany (approved 1937):
Our Lord speaking…
« I will come with My peace. With a few faithful, I will build up My Kingdom. As a flash of lightning this Kingdom will come . . . much faster than mankind will realize. I will give them a special light. For some this light will be a blessing; for others darkness. The light will come like the Star that showed the way to the wise men. Mankind will experience My love and My power. I will show them My justice and My mercy. My dearly beloved children, the hour comes closer and closer. Pray without ceasing! »

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