The principle is simple. You sign up and we will get a certain URL. When opening this URL, you will be shown different websites of our members, each 30 seconds. After this time, a new page is loaded.

And why? For each page you see you receive credits on your account. Your page will be viewed by other members and you will gain many new visitors to your page.

How many? First up to 84 visitors per hour, and through referrals and bonuses, it may be many many more.

Anything else? Of course, for referrals you will get additional credits, which enables you to receive many more visitors. Small example: You recruit 3 members who recruit again 3 members each, which then makes 745 visitors per hour (84 you, 36 at Ref level 1, 43 at Ref level 2, 97 at Ref level 3, 194 at Ref level 4 and 291 at Ref level 5). Now think, how fast are recruited 3 members? Some of our members have already recruited over 70 members.

« But I have no website. » Do not worry, you can nevertheless start with us and earn credits, because there is a savings box, and if you have a website later in time, then it hails visitors.