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How to get more likes/followers and etc. on AddMeFast ?
Choose these simple ways below to get more points via AddMeFast, and therefore more likes/followers and etc.

1. Get Free Points by liking/following others’ pages/profiles and etc. You can get unlimited points and promote unlimited accounts and not spending even a single cent. Basically it means you are doing FREE Exchange.

2. There is a benefit to be active on AddMeFast. We give Daily Active users Daily Bonus Points (400 and more daily bonus points for at least daily 100 clicks). So you can get Free Points and also Daily Bonus points..

3. Get 300 points from each referral by participating in our Affiliate Program. Share your short referral link anywhere (on your website, blog or on any social media platform) in order to be able to register new users on AddMeFast.

4. You can spend less time on AddMeFast and can get a lot of likes/followers, if you buy points on AddMeFast. Currently we have Special Offer, so you can get 30% More Points for any package. IMPORTANT: Do not buy accounts, or spend money for filling your account by others, because your account will be banned permanently and your links will not be transferred to any other account.

5. Weekly Unlimited Points – it’s real! Buy weekly subscription to get unlimited points and promote your accounts for 50 CPC, that’s the fastest way to get a lot of likes/followers at AddMeFast. Note: in subscription period, you can continue to get free points and participate in affilate programm without any problem.

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