Ancient Aliens Evidence with Giorgio Tsoukalos [FULL VIDEO]

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is a Swiss-born Greek writer, television personality, and proponent of the idea that ancient alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans. He was the publisher of Legendary Times magazine, that featured articles from Erich von Däniken (Chariots of the Gods?), David Hatcher Childress, Peter Fiebag, Robert Bauval, and Luc Bürgin, on the topic of ancient astronauts.

Tsoukalos is the director of Erich von Däniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (the A.A.S. R.A.—Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association), and has appeared on The Travel Channel, The History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, the National Geographic Channel, as well as Coast to Coast AM, and is a consulting producer of the television series Ancient Aliens. He is fluent in English, Greek, German, French, and Italian.

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Tsoukalos is the host of the H2 series In Search of Aliens, which premiered on July 25, 2014.

The ancient astronaut or ancient alien hypothesis is a hypothesis that posits that intelligent extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistory. Proponents suggest that this contact influenced the development of human cultures, technologies, and religions. A common claim is that deities from most, if not all, religions are actually extraterrestrial in nature, and that such visitors’ advanced technologies were interpreted by early humans as evidence of divine status. EXCLUSIVE 10% Discount on ALL Esoteric Courses


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