Alien UFO – XCOM Enemy Within Walkthrough Ep. 3 [XCOM Enemy Within Impossible Ironman]

In this episode of our XCOM Enemy Within Impossible Ironman Walkthrough, we encounter our first alien UFO, complete the first research projects and order a few satellites on Impossible Ironman difficulty. ► Full Playlist:

We continue our walkthrough of XCOM Enemy Within in this episode on Impossible difficulty with Ironman mode turned on. With the first alien abductions behind us, we get a bit more aggressive in this episode. An alien UFO pops up on our sensors, we deploy our Interceptor jet fighters – and successfully manage to shoot down the UFO. Our squad investigates the crash site and deals with a few Sectoids, until we discover the remains of the UFO itself. Inside, a new type of enemy awaits: The Outsider appears to be a being of almost pure energy,…

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