Alien Tombs Hidden Under The Great Sphinx?

The great sphinx of Egypt, is the largest stone monolith statue on earth, the purpose of these statues has remained a mystery, when they were found in 1817, they were nearly completely buried under sand. It took nearly 20 years to fully excavate the great sphynx. When it was first unearthed, many say it appeared unfinished, since this time the sphinx has undergone allot of restoration, no longer taking on the appearance of being unfinished, or to the keener eyed, severely eroded. Why alter such an important artefact, why not preserve them in their found state, after all, we have no idea of what the builders initially intended them to look like.

This extremely rare photograph of the great sphinx shows it in its found state. Notice the levels of erosion, just how old are these statues, Are they even older than the pyramids? I tend to suspect yes. Not only do they show evidence of millennia of rainfall, but also submersion under salt water.
But the most intriguing fact about the sphynxes is their hidden openings, openings I suspect were the reason for the quote restoration. One of the outcomes of these modern manipulations, upon the most important ancient monument on earth, was the concealment of hidden passages, that dot the sphinxes design. Note the opening on the top of the head in the photograph.
Many initial reports of the sphynx included details of 3 or 4 openings around the sphinx leading to complex tunnel systems, containing tombs with alien artefacts.
Something within these tunnel systems prompted the Egyptian government and even the CIA to step in and restrict access on the grounds of quote, national security.
What is a sphinx? Why choose this creature to devote such effort into creating?
A strange story about the Great Pyramid, of Giza, appeared in the March 2000 issue of the Egyptian magazine Rose El-Yussuf.
According to the article, in 1988, French Egyptologist Louis Caparat, discovered an alien mummy within a secret room, « it was found in a crystalline transparent case. It was believed to be a “hybrid,” which is a mix between an extra-terrestrial race and human DNA.
A papyrus found near the body tells of this being’s encounter with the Pharaoh Khufu.
According to ancient codes, anonymous source, at the Egyptian Antiquities Department, “The mummy of what appears to be an alien, had inscriptions upon the tomb that showed that this being was a counsellor to the pharaoh and was named Osirunet, meaning “star” or “sent from heaven.” The body was said to have been buried with great respect and care, and was accompanied by a number of strange artifacts made of a synthetic material that is not found in any other Egyptian tomb. Also the source claimed, « It’s unclear what sex it was, but it has unusual reptilian-type skin, no external ears and overly large, almond-shaped eyes.”
The source claimed that the discovery has caused great controversy among Egyptian officials, who want to keep it hidden until a “plausible explanation” for the strange mummy can be made, numerous select specialists have visited the site..
Regardless of the wild claims, there are indeed tunnels beneath the sphinx, and they have been covered up by authorities for some reason.
According to author Peter Tompkin in is book Secrets of the Great Pyramid
« Some Arabian authors have reported that Al-Mamun, found a sarcophagus with a stone statue in the shape of a man. They say that within the statue lay a body wearing a breast plate of gold set with precious stones, an invaluable sword on his chest, and a carbuncle ruby on his head the size of an egg, which shone as with the light of day. » – by Peter Tompkin.

with many of the tunnels beneath the sphinx being unexplored, but according to geophysical surveys, contain large unknown metal objects, it is only a matter of time before Egypt’s secrets are out in the open.

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