Alien Machines Build Caves Found In China?

Phoenix hill, Shiyan Beicun, China. in 1994, an extremely mysterious discovery would be made. Considered by the Chinese as the ninth ancient wonder of the world. A series of 24 ancient, artificial caves were discovered, specialists have been quietly astounded by them.
and the more we learn, the more of a spectacular and mysterious achievement they are seen to be.
The first thing that struck explorers were their size. each cave has a minimum floor space of 1000 square feet, an unimaginable undertaking at the time they were thought to have been constructed.
officially dated prior to the dynasties of china, which began 3000 years ago, meaning they are very, very old.
The walls of the caves are scarred with strange uniform tool marks. The weird thing about the markings, is that they are all set on a 60 degree angle, every single chisel mark within the cave system without exception, is on an exact 60 degree cutting angle. this has led many to suspect that the caves must have somehow been dug using advanced machinery. however, because this feature is unique within our current knowledge of ancient structures, The angle of cutting could indeed have been made by hand, with the purpose of decoration, but this would have made the job of cutting them out even more laborious.
Additionally, once the caves had been assessed and explored, a remarkable thing was realised, although the caves were the result of excavating thousands and thousands of tons of rock, this rock seems to have vanished from existence. There is no trace of a spoil pile anywhere to be seen, it is as if the caves have always been there. No traces of their construction has ever been found anywhere,no cave writings, drawings, tools, or human remains, and nothing within historical records.
The caves construction simply doesn’t make sense, and any evidence for their construction doesn’t exist. add to this the fact that the cave systems pre-date Chinese civilisation by some time, and show evidence of being cut out by machine. and The Longyou caves undoubtedly become a curiosity to scientific explanation, and historical understanding, to say the least.
These remarkable caves, are a very strong and solid piece of evidence to suggest that advanced cultures have already been and gone on this planet, or that visitors of extra terrestrial origin, visited the planet, prior to human development. As far as I am aware, these are the only two possible scenarios for the builders of such a construction. The caves systems are well over 3000 years old and still in tact, whoever was capable of constructing them, was also capable of disposing of the huge mountains of rock that would have been excavated, without leaving any evidence of how they did this, or indeed built the caves any where.
The caves are known as one of the largest underground complexes ever discovered.
the fact that more is not heard about this wonderful place, is testament to their extraordinary existence, meaning no one within the scientific community, can, or want to try to explain them.
also, which i found highly interesting, When they were discovered they were completely filled with water, whether this was once salt water, has not been disclosed, but I have personal suspicions as to how this water came to rest within these underground caverns.
no fish were found within the caves, which many found odd. however, if you suspected that the waters be residual left overs from a great flood. water from the great seas of earth, then over time, salt levels would plummet and fish accustomed to sea water would have died.

Who do you think built the long you caves?

The caves existence hint towards a hidden history here on our planet, a history that we must unravel if we are ever to fully understand ourselves, and our home.

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