Alien: Awakening Animated, Act 2: Episode 5 (Unofficial FanFilm)

Alien: Awakening Animated, Act 1: Episode 4, Written by: Maitland Eaves (Project: Acheron) and Darren Edward Lee

Project Direction and Animation by: Maitland Eaves (Project: Acheron)

Voice Acting:
David and Walter (Mike Schdieri):
Darren Edwards (Derek from Alien Theory):
Tennessee (Travis Smith):
Ophelia Demetriou (Sophie Reyes):

Test-Readers: Claire Enright and Clara Fei-Fei

Sound Designer and Effects By: Alex Casanas and Maitland Eaves (Project: Acheron)

Music By: CO.AG Music and Mattia Cupelli

Creative Consults: Carlos Huante and SM of the Alien Universe Timline

Alien: Awakening Animated Series Act 2, Episode 5!
Plot Synopsis: After David secret transmissions to the company this animated series will see the potential for an arising of new power in the galaxy, where…

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