Alien Alien ♥ English Cover【rachie】エイリアンエイリアン

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ayyyy lmao 👽👽
so fun fact, i actually didn’t like nayutalien for the longest time but one day i heard this song again and i suddenly fell in love with it. and then suddenly oktavia uploaded her bossa nova cover (which you should check out cough cough) the week after, then you guys voted for this on patreon. i guess it was meant to be!!!! and i’m v happy too this song was really fun to sing!

thank you so much to jay for doing the art for me!! you might know him as the dude who does a lot of the unholy quartet stream art. blessup my little meme, ilysm ♥ please follow him and his stuff!!

thank you also to crash for mixing last minute, im so grateful he could make the time for me ♥ makasih yaaaaa

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Credits 。.。:+*
▪︎ Original: Nayutalien
▪︎ Mix: crashtest/REDSHiFT (
▪︎ Lyrics: Oktavia (
▪︎ Art/Space Magic: Oneirio (
▪︎ Movie/Vox: rachie (hi!!!)

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