Airborne 05.28.19: Tamarack Grounding, 'Fat Albert' Retires, UFO Report

Also: DJI Adds Airplane And Helicopter Detection, Inspection Reports Falsified, Dulles Aviation FBO, AA Suit

The FAA has grounded Cessna Citation business jets equipped with the Tamarack ‘ATLAS’ active winglet system, stating that, “An unsafe condition exists that requires the immediate adoption of this AD.” According to the AD, “…the active load alleviation system (ATLAS), when operational, deflects the Tamarack active control surfaces (TACS) on the outboard wings. Recently, occurrences have been reported in which ATLAS appears to have malfunctioned, causing upset events where, in some cases, the pilots had difficulty to recover the aeroplane to safe flight. Investigation continues to determine the cause(s) for the reported events. This condition, if not corrected, could…

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