8 Years Old Girl Caught In Alien WAR Reptilians VS Nordic Aryans. Inside Alien Military. Part 7

This video is different from our other Alien Planets series that have truth & reality + sarcasm & reenactment but this film was produced by a very different entity
All previous videos were based on Adult Alien Abductees experiences
This one not only based on child Alien dreams
But also created by 8 year old child
Normal 7-8 years old child would not even think about such things But this one is exceptional
My daughter Alice dreams inspired Alien planet
Alice said blue creatures are coming to play with her but grey creatures taking her to spaceship
That travels trough time and space in seconds to other planet
Once she took something there and brought it to earth
But Reptilians demanded it back
Alice saw very strange structures
Where other creatures placed in suspended animation
Alice said those are Alien heroes & villains
Contained inside underground alien temples
The entrance to the temple is just a hatch in the ground
With very strange double helix structure on top
Structures are powered by solar & wind generators
Those are nothing like earth turbines and panels
But two combined in one – solar & wind
Same wireless generators power Reptilian farms
And entire agricultural cities
Alice said the temples were built to commemorate battles fought between Aryans & Reptilians
The war started millennia ago when Aryans arrived to Reptilon to mine Terrasine gas
They were attacked by Reptilian Army
Aryans sent reinforcements and the Great Galactic War has started
Alice said few selected people like Alien & Predator makers know about it
As well as Star Wars and Star Track makers who were members MJ-12 commission
Aryans on Reptilon were stopped by two brothers
They detonated Antimatter bomb in Aryan Pyramid base
It was so powerful that it created 100 miles crater
Quarter of the planet was obliterated
Aryans and their Pyramids were wiped out
But the galactic war is still raging
And now the battleground is not Reptilon or Orion
But Earth
Reptilians abduct humans to modify us into Reptiloids
Aryans are also not so good as well
They want humans to become Grays
Both trying to create a slave race
And the Galactic war is raging
Now you just have to pick a side
If you likes Alice dreams then click right (another her movie), if you don’t – than click left

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