6 Mind blowing recent discoveries about humanity and extraterrestrial life

6 Mind Blowing Discoveries About humanity and extraterrestrial life. Recent scientific discoveries have shattered our ideas about where we came from and where we are headed. They have mind blowing implications regarding what we thought we knew about our past, and more importantly, they tell us something about where we are headed.

6) Forget everything you think you know about Neanderthals. They were not ape-like, dumb brutes. They were in fact, just like us. And in a sense, they did not disappear 40,000 year ago. They evolved – into us. They interbred with us. That’s right, we had sex with them… and consequently 2% of all current human genes are Neanderthal genes. They gave us immunity from many diseases, and lighter skin colors. Yes, they were lighter skinned than us,…

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