6 Alien Craft Dug Up In America?

Reverse Engineering?
First disclosed by brad and sherry steiger, in their book rainbow conspiracy, there was something about this photo that intrigued me. It was apparently given to them by an anonymous researcher.
Along with the image, were details of the supposed find, according to the anonymous source, they were found buried in America, in an arid and sandy location. six were supposedly found buried deep in the earth, all in the same location. All six were excavated from beneath an American military base in 1990.
After their discovery, it was reported that they were strangely reburied in the same location, the researcher also provided information and an example of strange alien looking petroglyphs written on the machine in different locations.

the further I looked into it the more secretive and murky the story became.
It wasn’t long after this image and the attached story surfaced on the internet, that forums were buzzing with theories and peoples attempts to explain the photo.
Eventually a person came forward with a proposal for what the machine is. the theory put forward is just as strange as the original story, and once you realise what is said and why someone would possibly say it, these mystery machines appear to become even more mysterious.
The theory put forward was by someone claiming to look at these machines every day, and was part of a black operations project to create magnetic energy, apparently according to this source, the program was a failure, and so for some reason the American government decided to bury it. literally.
It seems like a common case of you can choose what to believe, and sometimes convenience can outweigh logic.
Notably the images the source puts forward in support of their story, do indeed look like the machines in question, the programme they say was called the “LLNL fusion experiment”. Supposedly a declassified project. The sources pertaining to this project have since been redacted.
however, upon further investigation, I did find images of what appeared to be freshly cast parts of the exact type of machine, what is interesting about this is that these images look more recent, even though the machines were apparently buried. also, I feel the most important fact, that the black operation these machines were stated to be a part of, eventually turned out to be helium 3 reactors, that are being developed for space travel and helium 3 mining for fuel while on such planets as mars in the future. Don’t you find it just a slightly bit convenient that a UFO researcher discloses an image of an unknown machine, with details of it being unearthed, to then have a military cover up surrounding the object? a cover up discovered by researchers searching for its authenticity? not only that, but to find a programme coming from it connected to helium mining and space travel?
Questions also arose from the original explanation. unfortunately, it seems the image is real and the government didn’t want you to know what it is, if it was indeed a black ops project, firstly why build six of them if apparently, it was untested technology, that failed? Secondly if this was indeed a multibillion-dollar state of the art program why would you bury the machines in sand? Thirdly why are there reports of petroglyphs, fourthly upon exhuming it again, why would you still decide to re bury them, fifth, how would a secret multibillion-dollar project buried in a secret military location, not be recorded, subsequently dug up in the same base by the same government a few years later by accident? the issues go on.
Was this a panicked attempt to explain away a huge discovery, of subsequently reverse engineered technology, left as a gift by ancient beings, leaked and disclosed in a popular book, without being noticed?
Whatever this image shows it appears to be secret technology, and connected to advanced extra-terrestrial travel and resource mining.


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