3 Alien Skulls Found In Antarctica By Smithsonian?!

An expedition led by Smithsonian archaeologist Damian Waters, to the Antarctic, in what appeared on the surface, to be a long shot search for traces of human remains, has successfully uncovered along with his team, three abnormally large elongated skulls, in the region of La Paille.
The discovery came as a total surprise to the world of archaeology as they are the first human remains uncovered from Antarctica, thought never to have been visited by humans until the modern age. mr waters has been quoted as saying,
We just can’t believe it, We didn’t just find human remains on Antarctica, we found elongated skulls, I have to pinch myself every time I wake up, I just can’t believe it, This will redefine our view of mankind’s history as a whole, end quote.
Elongated skulls have been found in Peru and in Egypt, evidence of past civilisations making contact long before history books acknowledge. this discovery is set to show there was contact thousands of years ago, between civilisations in Africa, South America and Antarctica.
Elongated skulls were a common deformation practice done upon children of the elite in many ancient cultures, this is according to the Smithsonian Institute of New York. It was done by wrapping a cloth around the infant’s head when the skull plates were not yet fixed. This characteristic was used to amplify visible differences between the higher ranking classes of society and lower classes.
however, the Antarctica skulls are different, they appear to have come from giants. skull elongation can deform the skull, which can make it appear longer, but it does not change the skulls mass. and these skulls are very large indeed.
In addition, these skulls have quite a few other important physical characteristics that set them apart from normal human skulls, further tests are set to be done, and officially released.
could these skulls be non human? what other secrets is Antarctica’s ice hiding?
i will keep you posted.

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