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Witnesses in shock after surprising UFO event unfolds over US town

Event Is Coming Soon – Witnesses in shock after surprising UFO event unfolds over US town.

In case you were eager to see an alien invasion in your lifetime, you might want to take a look at this “special” video.

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The UFO and alien fever has reached new heights with so much information at hand revealing never-before seen facts about secret programs and flying anomalies. In present days it’s easier than ever for people to realize that we’re not alone in the universe. Although most of us accept the concept of otherworldly visitors, we find it hard to come at peace with the idea that they may already be here among us

As a matter of fact, as a man has already recorded a presumed alien invasion, but on a local scale. Even so, the sighting is extremely puzzling and raises tons of question marks.

It all starts with a radiant orange ball of light. Some would say there’s nothing unusual so far, but as the UFO descends, it breaks in midair and releases a handful of bright orbs. Five peculiar dots on the sky aligned in a bizarre formation are now hovering over this small US community. Their fall is interrupted in midair, hinting at an intrusive alien invasion. The witnesses are in shock, especially the man who’s filming this alleged apocalyptic scenario. On the background you can even hear a girl screaming, accompanied by other various noises.

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